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                江西省ag九游会官方铝业有限公司是始创于1985年的江西省ag九游会官方铝业发展有限公司投资的专业生产铝合金型材、门窗、幕墙、装饰装潢集一体的专业型现代化铝型材和门窗制造管理企业。企业集设计研发、加工制作、安装维护于一体,业务范围涉及铝型材、各种型号规格节能保温铝合金、玻璃幕墙、铝合金门窗、塑钢门窗、单元电控门、单元玻璃电控门、车库自动门等多种产业。公司同上海绿地、中国建筑、中铁、湖南建工、江西建工等大型建筑企业建立战略合作伙伴,参与京户高铁、地铁、房建、机场等国家重点工程。公司占地8万平方米,年生产铝型材3万吨、幕墙50万平方米;拥有自己的铝型材挤压生产线,可以大大缩减配套型材的设计开模的周期。企业获得“五一劳动奖状”、“ 江西省著名商标”;“ 全国保障性住房供应商”,“ 百年安居工程建设材料品牌”“中国建材交易信用等级AAA级企业”等荣誉。



                Jiangxi Dongyang Aluminum Co.. Ltd. is a professional modern aluminum profile and door and window manufacturing man-agement enterprise, which was founded in 1985 and invested by Jiangxi Dongy ang Industrial Development Co., Ltd.,which specializes in the production of aluminum alloy profiles, doors and windows, cur tain wall, decoration and decora-tion. The enterprise integrates design and research,processing, installation and maintenance in one. The business scope involves aluminum profile, various types of energy saving and thermal insulation aluminum alloy, glass cur tain wall,aluminum alloy doors and windows,plastic steel doors and windows, unit electronic control doors, unit glass electronic,control doors, garage automatic doors and so on. The company is built with large construction enterprises such as Shanghai Green Space, Chinese Architecture, China Railway, Hunan Construction Engineering, Jiangxi Construction In-dustry and so on. Set up strategic partners, par ticipate in Beiing high- speed rail, subway, housing construction, air-port and other national key projects. The company covers an area of 80,000 square meters, annual production of 30,000 tons of aluminum profiles, curtain wall 500000 square meters; with its own aluminum profile extrusion production line ,can greatly reduce the design cycle of suppor ting profiles. The enterprise has won the honor of "May 1 L abor Award","famous Trademark of Jiangxi Province", " excellent supplier of National affordable Housing", " Best selection Brand of Building Materials for 100 years",' AAA Grade Enterprise of China Building Materials transaction" and so on.

                Big Yin Xisheng, elephant invisible, the founders and senior managers of the company have fought hard in the market for 31 years, silently ploughing, pioneering and innovating. With the broad mind of Haina hundred rivers, including tal-ents, adhering to the "both virtue and talent, the best use of talent" standard and the principle of employment, forged a senior professional, dedicated cooperation, dare to strive for the high-quality management team and staff team,laid the foundation for the long- term evergreen of the enterprise, and forged a senior professional, dedicated and co-operative,dare to strive for the high-quality management team and staff team,and laid the foundation for the long- term everlasting youth of the enterprise. To manage enterprises with bold entrepreneurial spirit, to control en-terprises with a calm good attitude, to lead enterprises with the pioneering thinking of keeping pace with the times,to adhere to the enterprise spirit of "unity, innovation, dedication and dedication", and to pursue " quality first". First,reputation first; strict self- discipline, integrity service "business purpose, unswervingly to meet the needs of differentlevels of customers with perfect quality, confirming the practice footprints of Dongyang Road.

                Tomorrow, in the face of the new economic era, Dongyang doors and windows in the process of adjusting the pace ,in the adjustment to enhance the strength, based on talent, rely on technology as the guarantee, integration of in-dustrial structure, change the management mechanism, so that the company to scale,specialization, brand steady development. In the future, in the unpredictable market tide, but also look forward to working hand in hand with friends from all walks of life, step by step billiant.